One of our intentions for Hamptons YogaFest is to promote BALANCE.

IMG_5511Balance can be applied to many different aspects of our lives. The balance that we are promoting is the one of the feminine and masculine within us. We have a unique a opportunity with the amount of consciousness and remembering that is available to us now, to transition into the illuminated beings that we are. We are clearly getting upgrading in our bodies as the physical demands of evolution are upon us. It is important to engage the tools of balance to support our evolution so that the  shift is grounded in love and grace. Taking action is felt as a masculine vibration that propels us into protective , productive , and powerful positions. 

The feminine is a receptive energy that produces a nourishing, intuitive and beautifying quality. When we learn to embrace these qualities within us , we create fertile ground for these two energies to unite, fall in love and experience the peace of balance within. One of the great teachers of balance is the natural world. The symbiotic and reciprocal relationships happening in nature remind us at every moment of the possibility of balance. The “give -a- ways” in nature are acts of selflessness that help to keep the natural world in balance. Meditating in nature helps to illuminate that we humans are also a apart of that intricate balance. It is my belief when the feminine and masculine within fall in love , we will see the light in all beings and live in the Awe and wonderment of this beautiful earth walk we are blessed  be on .  We will be activated into service with LOVE so that the healing of our planet and all the animals, plants, minerals and elements on it are honored  NOW .

In deep love and Respect,  Jenna 


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