Screenshot 2016-02-16 08.51.15In celebration of our local community and the beauty of a child’s artwork we invite your students to create Peace Flags
for the 2016 Hamptons YogaFest.

Meaning: Used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom the Tibetans believe prayer ags, block printed with mantras, are blown by the wind spreading good will and compassion to all.

Theme: Each year we draw from our foundational themes of Yoga, Nature, Wellness, Community, Abundance and Unity to create an annual theme. The focus for 2016 is “Living from the Heart”. Uplifting, positive and thought provoking, “Living from the Heart” provides an opportunity to re ect upon what is important to life, community and the world.

Format: Flag Size: 8.5”x11”. Please connect your students ags leaving at mimimum a 12” length of “cord” at either end.

Color: Traditionally prayer ags are in the colors of the ve elements: yellow, blue, red, green and white but students can feel free to use colors that inpire them.

Materials: Ideally ags would be created from fabric and painted, stamped or colored on with fabric paints or markers. Flags can also be made of paper. However, if made from paper we request that they be laminated for protection and durability so we can use the ags year after year.

Gratitude: To express our gratitude toward each participating child we will provide free entry to the Hamptons YogaFest Community Village and The Children’s Village! A magical opportunity to see their art and participate in a myriad of engaging and thoughtful children’s activities.

Deadline: Anytime between now and June 17th!

Contact: Kristin Davey at for details. For more information on Hamptons YogaFest visit us online at


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