Hamptons YogaFest & One Healthy Hamptons

c283d9b1c8b6e97697bcc5ed300b0d8dCome one, come all! An inclusive weekend festival full of yoga, music, entertainment, local eats, community wellness, and healing workshops right in our own stomping ground! What better way than to wrap up another crazy Hamptons summer (gasp!) and welcome another beautiful fall season? (yes!) The first annual Hamptons Yoga Fest draws the best yogis from across Long Island to build an amazing, unifying experience for the Hamptons and beyond.


With food from FRESH Hamptons, yoga for the whole family, wellness experiences galore, and more, Hamptons YogaFest is not to be missed! Local residents and visitors are invited to indulge in this grass-roots celebration. Customize your own September retreat in the Hamptons, which just may be the best time of year out East!

The intention of the weekend event is to bring the community (especially the yoga community) together as one. Jenna Walter, co-founder of Hamptons Yoga Fest, explains that the event came from a desire to unite the community for a greater good. Now that’s something One Healthy Hamptons can get behind! While we’re so lucky to have such a wide variety of yoga here in the Hamptons, Hamptons YogaFest creates the platform for harmony. You’ll see your favorite East End yogis as well as some new faces, styles, and perspectives.

Instead of another over-the-top, exclusive Hamptons party, Hamptons YogaFest promotes inclusivity, spirituality, nature, diversity, simplicity, and wellbeing. It’s the best of both worlds, with first-rate yoga in a relaxed setting we like to call home. Mark your calendar for the first annual Hamptons YogaFest September 18th-20th at the Hayground School in Bridgehampton. Purchase your tickets now for this world-class yoga event and get ready to make yoga history in the Hamptons!


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