In the spirit of ‘Give Back” Hamptons YogaFest is
produced and received in the spirit of giving back to the land.
We honor the land for its timeless abundance and generous supply of food, clothing, and shelter for its inhabitants. When we create art, music and prayers with our body and voice we feed the earth.
ManipuraWe also give our blood, sweat and tears which feeds her too.
She turns all these gifts into new life.

We are collaborating with the elements, with our friends, with our families and greater community. We share time and space under one sky to bring our collective voices into gratitude. we feel toward our beautiful home mother earth. We also receive the benefits of shared time and space with one another in a way to bridge the separateness that we can sometimes feel on our earth walk.

We will become inspired and nourished by the ahh mazing gifts being shared on the planet by people with like minds and hearts. It is a time to come together and collaborate in our dream of a world of peace and balance for all beings including:  plants, animals, mineral, human, and others :))

It is in this spirit we invite you to collaborate with Hamptons YogaFest 2015!!


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