Padma Patricia Borrego has been a Yoga Instructor and Bodyworker for almost 20 years.

Certified Yoga Teacher (1994), Licensed Massage Therapist(1997), and Board Certified Structural Integrator(2014).
A shattered arm at 17, crushed nerve and doctors telling her she would never use her arm again left her feeling broken and
hopeless in her body for many years. It was the guidance and faith from her teachers, especially Ranjani Cobo that challenged
her paradigms of the body and healing. The body has an incredible capacity to move forward if the mind and heart are willing
Her healing and passion for movement has led her to study with many yoga teachers. Among the most influential are
Ranjani Cobo, Swami Ramananda, Jivamukti Yoga, Cyndi Lee, Tias LIttle, Rodney Yee, Marry Dunn, Kevin
Gartner, Carrie Owerko and Particia Walden.

Assisting movement through words, touch and visual assessment as a yoga teacher; inner listening with self
practice (yoga,meditation, emotional healing); and hands on listening/guiding with bodywork has given her a multi dimensional
view of the body. Structural Integration has opened her eyes to a very skilled way of seeing through Ida Rolfs’ and Tom Myers’
eyes. Studies with Kirsten Schumaker(neural/arterial manipulation), James Earles(movement studies), Amy Matthew(embodied anatomy), Leslie Kaminoff(yoga anatomy), Gil Hedley(Cadaver Dissection) and Feldenkrais (movement as integrative healing) furthered her understanding of this amazing and complex being that we are.
Returning to the goodness that we are is a precious place to be


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